When College Students Resort to Vices – A Coping Mechanism or The Road to Perdition?

College life is always filled with adventure, yet at the same time it is full of pressure. Students, therefore, tend to seek ways in order to feel at ease, thus they take the time off to socialize with their peers. They also resort to certain activities that would easily relieve them of stress, such as smoking, drinking, and sometimes, taking drugs. But do these activities actually help them cope with the challenges of being college students?

A recent survey done at the University of Michigan shows that about one in five American college students frequently take prescription drugs to relieve themselves from stress. Among the drugs they use for non-medical reasons are painkillers (opioids) and sleeping pills. Most college students think that these medicines are safer than street drugs. On the contrary, these can be more addictive than cocaine and heroine, according to the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Aside from the misuse of prescription drugs, college students are also prone to alcohol abuse. About 2.8 million college students are alcohol drinkers, based on a 2005 study of the Annual Review of Public Health. Nearly two million college students are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, and more than 1,400 cases of alcohol-related deaths among college students are reported each year.

Students seek the aid of these vices hoping to feel better in an instant. This is quite reasonable since they tend to experience academic pressure, peer excitement, as well as occasional depression. But relying on drugs and alcohol to keep them up and smart doesn’t really help. These vices not only ruin their physical health, but eventually take over their lives.

College students may not be aware that there are groups and organizations that offer advice and workshops on how to deal with stress, anxiety, and a lot more. Scholarships and financial assistance are also given by some of these groups to further assist these students with their necessities. Also, scholarships remind students of their priorities that they must accomplish in order to enjoy comfort and satisfaction on a long term basis-and not the momentary bliss that vices provide.

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