Obama Asks Moms to Return to School

One of the toughest things about being a single mom (or an attached mom for that matter) is coming up with the money for life’s necessities like food, bills and rent (or mortgage repayments). Debt is a part of life for millions of single parents and it is for this reason that single moms find it so difficult to go to college and embark on a course of study that will lead to a new career. That is why Obama asks moms to return to school with the incentive of government scholarships.

Let’s take a look at some of the major points of the government’s Federal Pell Grant.

Can be Used for Online Studies
If you choose to study online, as many moms do, this is easy to do with the Pell grant as it has no restrictions as some other scholarships and grants do.

You Can Keep Working
If you are a working mom then you can keep your job and still get the Pell grant. No need to give up your income!

Pell Grant Increased
The grant was recently increased to $5,500 which means you’ll have your tuition fees paid for and maybe some to spare.

Why Study Online?
As a mom you don’t want to give up time with your kids to go to college everyday. Online learning lets you study at home, and do the work at a time that suits you.

Other Scholarship Options
If you are not eligible for a Pell grant, or if you miss out, don’t give up hope. There are hundreds of other scholarships out there for you to attempt to get – it is important to try for as many as possible to increase your chances of getting that cash to go back to school.

When Obama asks moms to return to school, he is doing it to improve the lives of millions of single moms as well as mothers who have a partner but may have put off their own career. With the help of a scholarship you too can go back to school to make yourself and your family proud.

Source by Ruby Houston

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